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Blockchain Bandicoot™

Blockchain Bandicoot™ is a collection of 5,000 unique NFTs living on the Ethereum blockchain. Bandicoot Guardians are the protectors of the Blockchain World, Burokuchen. An evil mastermind named Korruption has infected the Blockchain, Korrupting Bandicoots all across their world.

On Kobe’s first day of Guardian training he gets attacked by a Korrupted Bandicoot and to his surprise he’s saved by two Blockchain Developers from the real world, Devon and Kari.

When the three are bombarded by a hoard of Korrupted Bandicoots, Devon thinks quickly and copies Kobe’s code to create several Bandicoots to protect them… That was the day 5000 Blockchain Bandicoots were born.


Free Blockchain Bandicoot™ Comic Book

100% of people who mint a Blockchain Bandicoot can redeem their NFT for a physical copy of our Comic Book!


Free Blockchain Bandicoot Item NFT

100% of people who own a Blockchain Bandicoot NFT will get a FREE airdrop from our Blockchain Bandicoot Items NFT Collection during Phase 3 of the Roadmap!

Blockchain Bandicoot Items are a supporting collection of 5000 NFTs on the Polygon Blockchain. These Items include ETH Prizes, Clothing, Posters, and many other Utilities.


Element Challenges

Each Bandicoot has an element symbol on the top right of every NFT; Water, Fire, Grass, Wind and Ether. These element symbols create for a competitive match game!

Each month there will be a hidden clue in our 3D world that hints to which elements you need to hold in your wallet to win. Hold the perfect set and you could win Crypto Prizes, NFTs and more! The games begin once Blockchain Bandicoot™ reaches Phase 4 of the Roadmap.


Free Korrupted Bandicoot NFT

100% of people who own a Blockchain Bandicoot NFT during Phase 6 of the Roadmap will receive a Korrupted Bandicoot NFT for FREE!

***Element Challenges will be played forever so long as the Commission on the Secondary market can fund challenges after the first 12 Months***

Meet Us

Fully KYC’d and Verified

Assure DeFi offers one the most robust and highly differentiated KYC verification services for projects in the crypto space and this is why we chose them to work with us.  The process of their verification protects investors from potential scams or rug-pull projects; the depth of the verification is world-class and we fully support initiatives such as this to rid the space of bad actors.  We’re thrilled to have a platform that has allowed our team to gain additional credibility & differentiate Blockchain Bandicoots amongst other project leaders who are not as willing to hold themselves accountable. We hope our community is as excited as we are to announce to the world that our project is now officially KYC ASSURED✨✅™️!

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